Winter Mystery Bag

Winter Mystery Bag

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40cad ~ 30usd

This special bag is inspired by the movie "The Polar Express." Perfect to give as a holiday gift, while not being specifically Christmas themed to enjoy all winter!

Features new exclusive art, designed and packaged carefully to create a magical experience! Comes wrapped with a tag for you to write to who you are gifting it to.

If you want to see spoilers for this bag, you can see them here and here!

Main colour scheme is a powder blue, white, silver and gold.

Includes multiple enamel pins as well as a few other wintry, cozy items! All the bags are the same items, please note that if you purchase multiple!

*Packaging of this bag is all paper based biodegradable/compostable/recyclable* 

*The bag is expected to ship out late November to early December*