Bento Enamel Pin Collection

Bento Enamel Pin Collection

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Share loveingly made bento for you an a special friend! It has kitten shaped rice ball with ham cheeks, cubed carrots, tamago, and sausage cut like an octopus. I left a little mini kitten head fork in there too ^o^ 

The blue one has a puppy shaped rice ball with cabbage shaped to look like a frog hat, mini tomatoes, tamago, and fish egg. ^u^


Pin Specifications:

All are hard enamel with gold plating!

  • Pink Bento: 1.5" inches tall
  • Blue Bento: 1.3" inches tall
  • Fork + sausage: 0.9" inch
  • Spoon: 0.7" inch
  • Soy sauce fish bottle: 0.6" inch wide

The lid of the bento box will but a cut out with white translucent enamel, so it looks like an actual lid! The soy sauce fish uses translucent enamel to look like actual liquid!

Screenprinted on top will be shine lines and a paw print.